Parallel Exit

Sunday, February 19, 2023

3:00 PM

Parallel Exit is a New York City-based nouveau vaudeville company of three, mixing song & dance with slapstick physical comedy to produce a delightful show for any audience. Performing since 1997, Parallel Exit knows how to entertain. They perform a terrific show for the whole family – a fine way to have fun together while learning a bit about how the vaudeville circuit entertained a century ago. Each performer is experienced and talented in this genre and they work beautifully together. This is an action-packed show filled with old-fashioned family entertainment, from tap dance to live music to magic to circus tricks to slapstick comedy.

“They can get laughs simply by breathing.” – The New York Times
“It’s an exhilarating locomotive of high spirits.” – The New York Times

GENERAL ADMISSION: Adults $20, College $10, Students K-12 FREE
Performance Time: 3:00 PM