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Big Band Theory  -- Performed Free in Central Park!
Saturday, June 5, 2021

On Saturday, June 5th, we were delighted to have Big Band Theory playing a return engagement for our community.  What a way to kick off the summer!  This band is made up of talented alumni and local musicians – who simply love to get together for the great fellowship and joy of music making.  And we, the audience, got to celebrate their efforts as they bought back to life some of the great charts from the big band era.    

Not only did this special performance provide a wonderful finale to the Washington Summer Classic's Ridiculous/Ag Day, but it also offered an opportunity for our citizens to purchase their season tickets for this fall's Washington Performing Arts Series -- sponsored by the combined efforts of the Washington Concert Association and the Washington Area Performing Arts and Events Center!
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Place your cursor on the advancing photos and you'll see their titles.
Tom McNamar -- Sax
Tom McNamar -- Sax Solo
Shelby Swift -- Vocal Soloist
Rosco Porch -- Piano Solo
BBT -- Rhythm Section
Randy Swift -- Sings
Michael Schlothauer -- Sax
Linda and Millie Kick Off Season Ticket Sale
John Kessell Drums -- Byron Stevens Bass
James Mons -- Trumpet Solo
Chris Merz -- Sax Soloist
Don Hughes -- Trumpet Solo
Chris Merz -- Sax Solo
Chris Merz -- Sax Solo 2
BBT in Central Park
Alice Schlothauer -- Vocal Soloist
Byron Stevens -- Double Bass Solo
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